Medical Legal Reports for Solicitors

We work directly with legal firms in London and throughout the UK. For a firm of solicitors providing legal representation (such as for a client with a personal injury claim in a civil court case), our scrupulously prepared psychiatric court report would strengthen your case and help achieve a decisive outcome.

Whether you require a psychiatrist expert witness, a psychologist expert witness or a neuropsychology expert witness to corroborate evidence for a forensic or criminal court case, we have the resources available.

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Medico Legal Reports for Asylum / Immigration Cases

When your case relates to asylum or immigration law it is crucial to work with an impartial expert witness that has the skills and experience to carry out a thorough medicolegal assessment and evaluate all aspects of trauma.

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Psychiatric Expert Witnesses for Employment Tribunals

As an individual you may be involved in an employment tribunal for harassment-related stress, or suing a government organisation due to a mental health condition such as ADHD resulting in delays and fines. In any such case, you require an unbiased and authoritative medicolegal assessment and expert witness report to uncover the truth behind your case.

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Family Courts Expert Witness

When your family is going through legal proceedings, MedicoLegal Expert Reports can assist to bring a decisive and quick resolution to minimise potential disputes. An expert mental capacity report will provide evidence that can be used for a fitness-to-parent claim, or assessment of normal behaviour for a family member.

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Dr Satinder SahotaDr Satinder Sahota

Dr Jeremy BeiderDr Jeremy Beider

Dr John PrenticeDr John Prentice

Dr Vanessa RaymontDr Vanessa Raymont

Dr Annette WilsonDr Annette Wilson

Medicolegal Reports for Employers

Preparing for an employment tribunal can be a complex legal process when stress, disability or absence is being assessed. Our impartial reports are written by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists, with the knowledge to provide a polished and accurate medicolegal report.

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Defending claims against your organisation with our mental health expert witnesses

If you’re part of an organisation such as a local authority, university or hospital – you may be defending a claim for negligence related to mental health. A medicolegal assessment conducted by our experienced experts would help to brings the facts to the fore-ground of the case.

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