Our medicolegal and expert witness services are varied and can be customised to meet the demands of your specific case. This might include the following:

Mental Capacity Assessment

Our psychiatric and psychological experts can compile a detailed medicolegal report to evaluate mental capacity for the Crown Court or the defence in a criminal law case.

Mental Disorder Evaluation

We can provide an expert witness to write a full report detailing evidence of mental disorder for a criminal or civil court. These can also be used for employment law cases.

Personal Injury Report

Our medicolegal experts can write an exhaustive report detailing psychiatric aspects for insurance companies as well as both claimant and defendant legal representatives. Personal Injury is defined as ‘any disease and any impairment of a person’s physical or mental condition’ (s.38, Limitation Act 1980). The psychiatric court report would assess whether the personal injury has led to a psychiatric disorder. We can also provide a psychologist expert witness to testify on your behalf in court.

Personality Assessment

A medicolegal expert can provide a detailed report to score and interpret personality traits, in order to predict behaviour and to outline interventions. This may be used in a criminal or forensic case.

Risk Assessment

Our experienced psychiatrists and psychologists can write a detailed risk assessment to comment on the relationship between mental state and the capacity to commit future criminal acts, for a criminal court case.

Domestic Violence

Our medicolegal consultants can write a detailed report documenting the impact of domestic violence: emotional, sexual, or psychological abuse, for a family court domestic violence case. We can also provide a psychiatrist expert witness to testify on your behalf in court.


Ask An Expert

A report from a completely impartial medicolegal expert gives your voice more weight. Benefits of working with MedicoLegal Expert Reports:

  • An elite cohort of medicolegal professionals – we’ve been rigorously selected to work for you and are all Section 12 approved. We are at ease working with solicitors.
  • Many years of clinical experience at a senior level in leading health institutions such as the NHS leading to sound and in-depth knowledge of their areas of expertise.
  • A solid and lengthy track record in preparing comprehensive psychiatric court reports and assessments.
  • The ability to modify our opinions in the light of fresh evidence and to give counter-arguments. We exude gravitas and command confidence in a court room or tribunal.

Short Time Frame

we understand that the legal process can be fast-paced and sometimes an in-depth high-quality report is needed urgently. We are adaptable and responsive to medicolegal solicitors. If necessary, we can produce a weighty report or assessment in under two weeks.

Fixed Cost

Once you have given us your brief and all relevant paperwork we will review your material and let you know an agreed time frame and give you a fixed quote. In this way you have the peace of mind from knowing the total cost, right from the outset.

Call now on 02071180407 for Terms & Conditions, Medicolegal Expert Witness CVs and a fixed Quote – rest easy knowing your medicolegal case is supported with superb, unbiased evidence.